23 Sep 2011

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The Latest Batch of Adoption Agencies Under Review: Who Meets Hague Standards?


A number of adoption agencies are applying and/or reapplying for Hague accreditation from the Council on Accreditation. According to the Hague Accreditation and Approval Policies and Procedures Manual, all applicants are required to post on their own websites regarding their accreditation application. From the manual:

“COA requires all applicants for initial Hague Accreditation or Approval and applicants for renewal of Hague Accreditation or Approval to post on their own website information explaining how the public may access and provide comment about the adoption service provider’s inter-country adoption services. The posting must be placed on the adoption service provider’s website within thirty (30) calendar days from the date on which the adoption service provider has signed the accreditation/approval agreement.

The posting may be removed from the adoption service provider’s website upon date of notification from COA of the adoption service provider’s initial accreditation or approval or renewal of accreditation or approval. The posting must be displayed in a conspicuous location on the main page of the adoption service provider’s website. This posting must be in the following standardized format:


The Council on Accreditation (COA), a national accrediting body approved by the United States Department of State to conduct Hague accreditation and approval reviews, invites the public to provide comment on intercountry adoption service providers seeking Hague accreditation or approval or renewal of Hague accreditation or approval. You may provide comment by clicking on: <link to be inserted by COA>.

Some applicants might not have posted a link to where the public can comment. In that case, it’s a bit challenging to navigate through the COA’s own website to get to the right place. Here’s a quick guide on how to file a public complaint or comment about an adoption service provider through the  Council On Accreditation’s website (http://www.coanet.org).

  1. Click on Accredited In Process Organizations (top center of page)
  2. Click on “Hague Approval/ Accreditation” (on left sidebar)
  3. Click on “Comment on an Applicant” (on left sidebar)
  4. Click on the blue hyperlink that says “click here” for commenting on an applicant (in text of page)
  5. Scroll through the list of applicants, and click on the name of the organization you’d like to comment on. They don’t really appear to be hyperlinks, but they are!

The latest contenders, as of September 1, 2011, are below. Do you have information that you feel the reviewers should know about any of these agencies? If so, you can file a public comment or complaint using the steps listed above.

You can also download a copy of the 92-page “Hague Accreditation and Approval Policies and Procedures Manual” by clicking here.

  •  ABC Adoption Services, Inc. (NC; mailing address is c/o Carolina Adoption Services)
  • Adopt-A-Child, Inc. (PA)
  • Adoption & Beyond, Inc. KS)
  • Adoption Advocates International (WA)
  • Adoption Assistance, Inc. (KY)
  • Adoption Choice (WI)
  • Adoption Resource Center, doing business as “Adoption ARC” (PA)
  • All God’s Children International (AGCI), doing business as “Families are Forever International” (OR)
  • Angels Haven Outreach (CA)
  • Baker Hall doing business as “Baker Victory Services” (NY)
  • Bal Jagat – Children’s World, Inc. (CA)
  • Carolina Adoption Services, Inc. (NC)
  • Catholic Charities of Tennessee (TN)
  • Catholic Social Services of Southern Illinois (IL)
  • Celebrate Children International (FL)
  • Children’s Aid Society in Clearfield County (PA)
  • Children’s Home Society of West Virginia (WV)
  • Children & Families of Iowa (IA)
  • Christian Family Services of the Midwest, Inc. (KS)
  • Community Residences, Inc. (CT)
  • Dove Adoptions International (OR)
  • European Adoption Consultants, Inc. (OH)
  • Families United Network, Inc. (PA)
  • Family Resource Center (IL)
  • Holston United Methodist Home for Children, Inc. (TN)
  • Home at Last Adoption Agency, Inc. (FL)
  • International Adoption Services, Inc. (MN)
  • International Family Services, Inc. (TX)
  • Irene Steffas, PC (GA)
  • Jewish Family & Career Services of Louisville (KY)
  • Jewish Family Service of Rochester (NY)
  • Miriam’s Promise (TN)
  • Saint Mary International Adoption (NC)
  • The Datz Foundation (VA)
  • The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach (MT)
  1. This link to submit a note doesn’t work survey link doesn’t work. Please send a new one.

  2. Hi Eve, I think you have to follow the steps to find the right page on the COA’s own website. It’s a bit of a process, but doable! Thanks for the note, I removed the broken link.

  3. Hi,

    Here are two links. Both work. One will take you to the page with instructions and one will take you directly to the page where you can type in your comments.




  4. What Govt. agency monitors there organizations. Are they legally bound by ANY law at all? I am looking for a way to represent to BLACK list IFS. They are full of false claim. Please help me.

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