23 Aug 2011

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Guatemalan Organized Crime Investigators Tracked Migration Records for Sue Hedberg & CCI clients

Official orders, date July 10, 2009, from Guatemalan prosecutor Oscar Rivas from the Human Trafficking section of the Ministerio Público’s Organized Crime Unit, asking the country’s Dirección General de Migración to provide copies of electronic records tracking the movements of Timothy Monahan, Jennifer Monahan, and “Karen Abigail” Monahan in and out of Guatemala.

And another official order, dated July 3, 2009, from the same Guatemalan prosecutor from the Ministerio Público’s Organized Crime Unit asks for copies of records related to the movements of “Susan Hedberg,” the director of the adoption agency Celebrate Children International.

These requests don’t mean that the Monahans or Sue Hedberg are guilty of any crime. The bottom of each request clearly states,

“…La anterior constancia no prejuzga sobre el contenido, validez de los documentos utilizados para el registro de esta informacion y no convalida hechos o actos ilicitos…”

In English, that translates roughly to “this request doesn’t question the validity or content of the (migratory) records requested, and does not validate the existence of facts or illegal activity.”

Essentially, the only thing these documents prove is that the movements of each of the four parties (Timothy, Jennifer, and “Karen Abigail” Monhan and Sue Hedberg) are of interest to the Ministerio Público’s Organized Crime Unit.

  1. Wow, this is a big deal. If an adoption agency director is held accountable–that will send a loud and clear message to all agencies that recklessly involve themselves in questionable adoptions.

  2. From what I understand, very recently, Guatemalan authorities revoked/annulled the passport that Anyeli (“Karen Abigail”) entered the US with. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t persons entering the US on fake documents deported? What are the codes and laws regarding persons entering the US with a falsified passport? Does this effect her US citizenship as well, since that citizenship was based on false documentation and ID?

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