04 Apr 2011

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Tonight: “Stolen Children” Conference

This event is tonight in Washington DC, featuring keynote speaker Norma Cruz, founder and director of Fundación Sobrevivientes. The panelists are JCICS director Tom Difilipo, social work professor & writer Karen Rotabi, law professor Trish Maskew (former president of Ethica), law professor David Smolin, and US DOS Adoption Division Chief Alison Dilworth.

Here’s the invite that circulated:

Please join us on Monday, April 4, 2011, at 6:30 p.m. at American University (Washington, D.C.) for a program hosted by the UNROW Human Rights Impact Litigation Clinic of American University Washington College of Law in cooperation with the International Human Rights Committee, “Stolen Children: Illegal Practices in Intercountry Adoption and the Need for Reform.” The panel will bring together various experts to discuss the legal, social, and ethical dimensions of illicit intercountry adoptions and the path toward reform.

The keynote speaker, Norma Cruz, is a Guatemalan grassroots activist and recipient of the U.S. Department of State’s designation “2009 International Woman of Courage.”  Ms. Cruz has become a world renowned human rights defender through her tireless campaign to document cases of violence against women in Guatemala, promote justice for women, and call for an end to illicit adoption.  During the program, Ms. Cruz will tell the stories of Guatemalan parents who have lost their children to illicit intercountry adoption.  She will also describe the advocacy efforts of her organization, Fundación Sobrevivientes (Survivors Foundation), on behalf of the mothers whose children have been taken in an illegal and lucrative supply chain for international adoptions.

Washington College of Law’s Office of Special Events & Continuing Legal Education office is offering pre-approved CLE credit for Pennsylvania (and by reciprocity, New York and New Jersey) and Virginia. Attorneys seeking CLE credits from other states can get the credits approved retroactively.

Please feel free to forward information on this event to any interested individuals, groups, or institutions. To register for the event, please go to www.wcl.american.edu/secle/registration.

  1. I am pleased to report that the event was a great opportunity to hear directly from Norma Cruz about the three girls allegedly kidnapped for adoption. Highlighting the fact that the US government has failed to respond to the formal request for DNA tests from Guatemala was important–especially in Washington, DC. Cruz is a passionate advocate for women and injustice in Guatemala. She reminds us that experiencing child abduction creates ‘eternal suffering’ for the women. It is so important for us to all be honest about moving forward and doing the right thing here in the USA. The argument about returning children to Guatemala is irrelevant–the right thing is to begin with DNA tests. I seriously doubt that children will be sent back, but I don’t want to doubt that we’ll do the right thing as a nation!



    During her visit to Guatemala, the Senator met with various authorities responsible for child protection and manifested her disagreement with the CICIG´s report on criminal structures involved in illegal adoptions.

    Guatemala, 27 April 2011. The Guatemalan media edition of Prensa Libre, dated 26 April 2011 (pages 4 and 5), published a story about the visit of U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu which reads: “Landrieu said she does not share all of CICIG´s findings presented in a report in late 2010, detailing abnormalities in the adoption processes which are still in transition between the previous and the current law.”

    The International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala publicly requests Senator Landrieu to provide evidence to the Guatemalan society on which she bases her comments to disqualify the content of the “Report on actors involved in the process of illegal adoptions in Guatemala.” She was also invited to explain to the Guatemalan society her position concerning the numerous adoptions of children illegally taken away from their biological parents.

    CICIG informs the public opinion that the report is a result of the work of a team of professional experts who analyzed for 18 months over 3,342 notarial notices from the records of the Attorney General’s Office (PGN) related to adoption processes: 1,412 issued by the PGN and the National Council on Adoptions (CNA); 879 requests and protection measure processes from the Youth and Children Courts; and 153 declarations of adoptability issued by the Courts of Children and Adolescents. Furthermore, more than 50 criminal investigations conducted by the Public Ministry (MP) were analyzed in relation to the crime of trafficking in persons for illegal adoption.

    From the analysis of the data gathered, it was found that over 60% of the processes for adoption contained abnormalities such as theft and illegal purchase/sale of children, threats and deception to biological mothers, and forgery of documents to carry out “adoption processes” both before and after the entry into force of the Adoption Law (31 December 2007). In many cases there are multiple and clear indications that the illegal procedures were promoted by transnational organized crime who acted along with the participation or acquiescence of state officials. Currently, the Public Ministry investigates more than 325 adoption processes which present serious irregularities.

    In its report, the CICIG is able to determine the modus operandi of transnational organized crime networks involved in trafficking of children through illegal adoptions. Since that report, the CICIG was also able to determine that an international adoption in Guatemala, rather than representing a way of procuring a family to an unprotected child, often has become a mechanism for delivering children to those who request and pay, turning such institution into a lucrative form of human trafficking which is an offense under the Penal Code in Guatemala.

    Among the many findings stated in the CICIG report, it is established that only 10% of Guatemalan children who were placed for adoption between 2007 and 2010 were in an orphaned or abandoned situation.

    Moreover, specific cases were identified in which the representatives and/or facilitators of international adoption agencies in Guatemala were aware of the illicit origin of the children placed for adoption and yet continued illegal processes through altered DNA tests, deception and threats to biological mothers, and the use of forged documents.

    CICIG supports that the international adoptions are an option of life for those children who need it. However, given that the pending processes have serious irregularities, CICIG supports the position of PGN, CNA and MP – competent institutions on the issue – and in particular promotes that each adoption process approved individually, as a minimum, should establish the following: (1) lawful origin of the child; (2) ratification of the biological mother´s consent; (3) determination of paternity through DNA testing; and (4) veracity of the identity of the child and the mother.

    CICIG reiterates its firm commitment to continue supporting the Guatemalan institutions, including the Attorney General’s Office, the National Council on Adoptions and the Public Ministry, in its fight to eradicate illegal adoptions and to combat impunity.

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