27 Apr 2011

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Olga López: It’s Not Fair We Continue To Suffer

Fundación Sobrevivientes uploaded a video clip of Olga López to their YouTube page.

In this clip, Olga begins by stating her full name, and says that her daughter was taken in 2006. She says she believes that her daughter is now known as “Cindy Colwell Thomas”, and that it’s not fair that “we” (meaning herself and the other Guatemalan mothers searching for missing children) continue suffering. The photo she’s holding is from the public Facebook page of adoptive mother Elizabeth Thomas-Colwell, showing Thomas-Colwell holding the little girl Olga believes to be her own.

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  1. Having been on a similar path with adoption and faced with some ugly potential scenarios, I find it hard to imagine how this a-mom can deny such a powerful accusation and not want to know the truth, or worse, deny and avoid it. And what about the child’s right for the truth? What is the a-mom teaching this child by her actions of avoiding Olga year after year?

    As much as the a-mom may want this “problem” to go away, it won’t. I know these mothers in Guatemala will not give up. And I know Norma Cruz will not either. What will she say to this child when she is old enough to search the Internet and find this information? I hope this a-mom can give Olga some peace and do the right thing… open her heart, come forward and do a DNA test (one that adheres to a legal chain of custody).

    The truth is because these mothers are from Central America and lack the financial means to seek justice, they are ignored, dismissed and silenced. Imagine if this child were stolen from the US and taken to another country…. does anyone in their right mind believe that the reaction would be the same?

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